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The Importance of a Good Word

BY Rachel Harvey

In this era when texting, emailing, and posting is so important, words need to be utilized more effectively. When we use letters to communicate, we lose other forms of communication like body language and voice inflection, and this is one reason to use our words more specifically and accurately.

Sometimes, I will spend a decent amount of time on an email, because I want to make sure there are no negative tones or words used where the reader might get the wrong impression. It's not easy communicating through just letters in the alphabet. There are times when I will think of a word, and it just doesn't get the whole meaning of my communication across. So I will jump on an online thesaurus. I want to make sure my words accurate and straight to the point. Time is valuable.

In design, enticing words in CTAs are an especially important area of language. I try not to include any negative words in my designs. We have to inspire audiences to act through positive and exciting words, colors, images, videos, and so on.