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Becoming Digital Nomads

Rachel Harvey
digital nomads

Becoming digital nomads at 36 years old takes a lot of work if you have a family, pets and a home in The States. But that's not to say it isn't worth it. It totally is! I’m a UX/UI Designer and Zach, my husband, is a Web Developer. We have been working online for forever, it seems.

The Importance of a Good Word

Rachel Harvey

In this era when texting, emailing, and posting is so important, words need to be utilized more effectively. When we use letters to communicate, we lose other forms of communication like body language and voice inflection, and this is one reason to use our words more specifically and accurately.

Problem-solving is a Key Ingredient in Design

Rachel Harvey

In graphic design there is always a "problem" to solve. It's more of a challenge than a problem. Finding out exactly what that challenge is is one of the first problems to solve. What is the mission? Who is the design targeted to? What action do you want your audience to take? Etc.